About us

Welcome to Jai Vatika!

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JVPS is promoted by a number of professionals with diversified background such as educationists, medical doctors, information and executives, entrepreneurs, etc. It is a non-religious school. Only the universal values of teamwork, respect, responsibility, ethics, etiquette, empathy and services are inculcated and practiced. The teaching methodology uses inquiry and exploration by students. Though the focus is on Academics, JVPS offers a rich program that combines Art, Music and Sports as part of core curriculum. Our teachers are carefully selected and trained through various programmes. The unique design of the campus, child friendly facilities, informal learning environment, value based education, customized integrated curriculum, and technology aided teaching are the hallmarks of JVPS.

Our focus on practical approach prepares children to face real life issues and succeed in their future endeavors. We create an ideal environment through which students become competitive and are educated for knowledge creation, lifelong learning and leadership.

About School

“Vision Ignites the Mind.” Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts into action. Thereon success follows dreams and dreams come true when attempted, though there may be setbacks and delays.

Way back in 2005,Dr. Bhushan Bansal had a dream to contribute his bit to the younger generation and thereon started his journey in the field of education.

With a library of knowledge, decades of experience, innumerable innovations Dr. Bansal basks in the humble glory of his achievements very modestly by being popularly known as “the kind hearted” disciplinarian.

The Difference

JVPS is different because it puts state- of – the- art educational infrastructure at the disposal of the entire cross-section of students from the marginalized to the exceptional and the brilliant.

  • It’s different because it encourages creativity and artwork as much as it does Science and Commerce
  • It’s different because it understands that every child is different.
  • It has a set of young visionary minds at the helm.
  • It’s different because we do not ask ‘why’ but ‘why not’.
  • It’s different because for us today is not just today; for us today is challenge for tomorrow.