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Message from the Chairman's Desk Dear Parents, At JVPS we believe that after home, it is the school where learning takes place, hence a lot of care goes into recognizing a student’s uniqueness. It becomes our responsibility to do the very best to ensure success and academic fulfillment for all our students through offering a diversity of opportunities to enhance learning so that they become world citizens basing their ethics on the golden traditions and with an inherent spiritualism which will lead them on the path towards dharma. In this changing face of the world, we in JVPS, believe in spirituality and morality as powerful elements that form the basis of life for an individual. It is the education dealing with the morals of life, ethics for culture and values for personality. In today’s stress ridden turbulent times there is a crying need to hearken back to our roots of tradition advocating an all round development of the mental, psychological and spiritual psyche of the child. An ethic system needs to be cultivated where doing one’s duty and revering our elders forms a part of a strong value system on which the youth of tomorrow establish their success story so that we progress as a society strengthened by the bond of family, community and country. We believe that this invigorating, stress-free environment will make JVPS a happy experience for your child. I welcome you to the JVPS family and look forward to a fruitful and enhancing interaction.
Dr. Bhushan Bansal
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Message from the Principal's desk I am contented to be the Principal of Jai Vatika Public School. I feel that each day is the new day to find something great in our posterity. It gives me immense pleasure to know the real aspect of Vatikans that they have so much to explain and so much to gain .Their curiosity to learn something new every day makes me more inquisitive to give them what they desire i.e “a world full of joy and happiness”. At JVPS, the overall progress of every child is our target. We believe in the motto of “learning by doing”. The child will grasp through experiential learning. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Our staff invests consistently into current trends and they inculcate the creative practices to make teaching-learning process more impressive. The students are authorized many opportunities to explore their technical interests and investigate new ideas through Stemotics. The students are roused to take part in all the events, so that they can be given freedom to find their own interest rather than imposing traditional education system on them. JVPS believe in individual interests than in common platform for all. I will try Vatikans to be more confident, certain, courageous and good human beings who alone can beat the struggles faced in life by every individual. “Don’t try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of a human being.”
Principal, JVPS