Collaboration with British Council

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With the changing times, it is very important to show outside world to our children and widen their thinking by taking them out of the four walls of their classrooms. When we take them outside the boundary of the country, there are all the possibilities that they will achieve the best in their lifetime. Thus, giving them international exposure is in itself a very unique idea. It will help them to inculcate varied skills and enhance their overall personality.

With the same motive, JVPS undertook the initiative of providing the international level exposure to our students and it resulted in a great success. This exposure actually instilled many qualities in our loving Vatikans and their hardworking mentors.


JVPS family is proud to inform you that we have received the International School Award (ISA) by British Council Organization. We at JVPS collaborated with the schools at International level so as to broaden the learning area of our Vatikans. Our students worked through Skype video conferences in which they explored all the dimensions at International level beyond their school books.


Our students along with our mentors gained the following qualities through ISA:

  • Team building
  • Innovation
  • Activity based learning
  • Project management
  • Confidence and communication skills

With ISA, JVPS would improve their own curriculum by sharing the best practices and ideas abroad and also undertake the best of the schools abroad. This helps in giving the best services to our dear students. It also helps in working on a range of topics like culture, scientific research and environmental conservation.


The students of class 6-10 participated in this project in the month of April that gives the opportunity to celebrate the Earth Day. There are two essential things for us to survive on this planet. CLEAN DRINKING WATER AND GREEN ENVRIONMENT which are termed as blue and green arteries of life respectively.

Historical Monuments - The Marvels of Cultural Heritage (In House).

Going on vacation and exploring the historical monuments added colours to our journey. Our Vatikans of Class Nry-5th explored the magnificent historical monuments of U.K, France, Egypt, China and India.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy (Collaborative)

Healthy mind lives in a healthy body. The Vatikans of class 5-10 had the golden chance to research on various healthy foods that are essential for their healthy growth and development. The activity was performed in collaboration with U.S.A., India and Canada.

Ethics through Stories (Collaborative)

The students read stories based on ethical values of different countries that are universal in nature and got inspired to lead a value based life.

Sharing is Caring (Collaborative)

Lets share with each other and care for everyone around us. This is a very basic value that should be inculcated in each individual. The students of Classes Nry-5th took part in many activities that encouraged them to share their things with others and showed their love to them. The activity was in collaboration with Canada, India, and U.K.

Safety for One, Safety for All (In House)

Safety is the foremost responsibility of an individual. It is more upon us to stay safe. To sensitize the students for same, Vatikans of class 6-12 performed various activities like puppet show, prepared safety bag as well and taught the importance of safety in everyone’s life.

The Musical Bond of Harmony (In House).

Where words don’t make you feel good, music helps to soothe your soul. It helps to connect people across the globe and spread peace and harmony. The Vatikans of class 6-12 had a great mixture of fun and knowledge in this project and explored the taste of music in India, South Africa, U.K., USA, and France.


JVPS works day in and day out for the betterment and growth of its students. ISA was introduced to fulfill one such objective. In future, we are committed to give the best to our students to make sure they stand confidently in the world outside. We will leave no stone unturned to prepare our children for the better tomorrow.