What Others Say about JVPS?

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Mr. Sharon (Teacher, PGT Political Science) 19 October 2021

School has a spacious and positive learning environment. Here students find comfortable with pace of learning methods employed through the element of practical learning. Effective use of school infrastructure like, labs, music room, library and experiential learning is worth mentioning.
The School not only focuses on learning and academic but also take care of holistic development through sports, music, activities where we learn and let learn by all possible means so that our students are provided best in this society.

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Ms. Priyanka Bansal (Teacher, PGT Mathematics) 19 October 2021

Jai Vatika Public School is best school in Barnala. It has wonderful infrastructure and students learn through various activities.
The school not only focuses on learning but also teach students moral values. Along with this special classes are also provided for NTSE. Here Principal Ma’am and other staff members are very cooperative. Special focus is laid on improvement of communication skills of all students.

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Ms. Amanpreet Kaur (Teacher, PGT Economics) 19 October 2021

Jai Vatika Public School is one of the prestigious institutes in Barnala. It has wonderful infrastructure i.e. high-tech labs and ATL. This institute left no stone unturned in exploring new avenues of learning. The school faculty and the management worked around the look to ensure smooth transition from classroom teaching to interactive advanced learning. Subject Enrichment activities are conducted to make learning interesting and practical. Every year students are grabbing good position in competitive exams. More emphasis is given on English communication.

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Ms. Niti Nayyar Kaura (Teacher, PGT History) 19 October 2021

I have been working, in this prestigious institute, since 2014. I consider it as one of the best school in Barnala as it focuses not only on education but also on the etiquettes and moral values. Learning by doing is the main focus of the school as it helps the students in their personal lives. Students are motivated to do their best. Yes, one of the best thing, school focuses on the weak students well as it makes them grow and the results are fruitful and efforts by the teachers and students are appreciable. JVPS focuses on ethics and values of a student. School believes that never stops learning because life never stops teaching

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Mr. Savish Garg (Teacher, PGT Physics) 19 October 2021

JVPS School is one of the best school providing quality education in Barnala region. The school has well equipped labs, fully developed infrastructure. School keeps on updating the knowledge base of its teachers by providing time to time trainings. Activity based teaching & learning by doing is the main motto of school.

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Ms. Priya (Teacher, PGT Accountancy & Business Study) 19 October 2021

I Priya, PGT Business Study & Accountancy joined JVPS approx 2.5 years ago and experienced many things while working such the environment of the school is very much caring and safe for the students. They are heard and given solution in case of any problem faced by them. Secondly, school has provided many curricular activities along with the academic curriculum which provides support to the growth & development of students. Along with this, valuable lessons, communication and leadership skills are also taught to the students.
We are following learning by doing in our school which has build love of learning among students.

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Ms. Nisha Rani (Teacher, Senior Secondary Co-ordinator) 19 October 2021

JVPS is one of the best schools in the Barnala as it not only motivates the students to participate in learning activities to explore themselves but also believes in experiential learning.
It has fully equipped laboratories, fun activities, quality class rooms and is more focused in raising the students both academically and practically.

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Ms. Hiteshi (Teacher, PGT Biology) 19 October 2021

JVPS is one of the top school in Barnala region. The students and teachers of JVPS believe in learning beyond books. Lot of activities and exploration is done in the school, through which students get the practical knowledge. Teaching staff of the school is cooperative and enthusiastic and they provide knowledge with hands on experience.
The values students learn in JVPS will be useful for them in long run.

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Ms. Manju (Teacher, TGT Hindi) 19 October 2021

The environment of the school is safe for the students. Primary motive is to provide the solution of any problem of students. School has added many curricular activities along with academic system which is helpful in the growth of all the students. Communication and leadership skills are also taught to the students. Learning must be done by activities and students like to learn this way.

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MS. Sumanpreet Kaur (Teacher, PGT Punjabi) 19 October 2021

I am Sumanpreet Kaur, Punjabi PGT at JVPS. The focus is quality education. Every festival is celebrated though activities. The atmosphere is great for students and teachers.
The definition of school presents the true meaning of JVPS. Management is very cooperative and helpful to all the members of the Institute.

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Ms. Sonia Verma (Teacher, TGT Mathematics) 19 October 2021

The best part about JVPS is that it puts complete focus on weak children on priority basis. Quality education is given to students. Activities are given priority in classroom to enhance the participation of the children. Also these students are given timely opportunities to learn and grow in a very apt atmosphere where they get the chance to explore and imagine to give their best.

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Ms. Arvinder Kaur (Teacher, PGT Physical Education) 19 October 2021

New education skills are shared on regular basis to enhance the knowledge of students as well as to clear the concepts of each topic. Each festival is celebrated through different activities. Sports events also conducted every month, so every student create interest in games and they keep Physically fit too. Students are well occupied with the sports equipments and are given proper classes for the sports which is a uniqueness of the institution.

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Ms. Ramandeep Kaur (Teacher, TGT Social Science) 19 October 2021

Jai Vatika Publc School is an example of that type of institution which provides a platform for harmonious development of each and every student Here not only students but teachers also has lots of opportunities for learning. Time to time workshops is also organized in campus for better learning of the teachers. Science fair, activities, trips and sports activities enhance the knowledge of students. Last but not the least teachers must be appreciated to be ever energetic towards teaching.

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Ms. Gurpreet Kaur (Teacher, TGT English) 19 October 2021

In my opinion, school can be a great place if we know how to take advantage. We can meet people and make friends, Some of them stay for the rest of our lives. The friends are very important in a student’s life. In JVPS, students have a friendly environment the teachers are amazing here and each child is treated with care. My son is attending this school as well. Students here, co-operates with teachers and other students, they are given equal opportunities to grow and shine themselves. Activities are also included for their development. It is the one of the most recognized schools in Barnala.

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Ms. Yogita (Teacher, TGT Science) 19 October 2021

What I like about this school is student oriented teaching methodology. Educational content is very knowledgeable. Activities develop interest in students towards every subject. School management is very cooperative. Quality education is provided to the students. Main focus of school is towards the learning outcomes of students.

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Gurkamal Kaur (Student IX B) 19 October 2021

Jai Vatika Public School one of the best school of Barnala. It is a school which manages activities and syllabus of studies very well that we all not fee any type of pressure on us. This school really help me to develop and increase my confidence and public speaking to the peak. The balance between studies and co-curriculum activities really make me very enthusiastic about bright future of the school.

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Prabhleen Kaur (Student IX B) 19 October 2021

“Jai Vatika Public School” is the best school. We don’t feel any burden on it. The school is fully air conditioned. In our school there are curriculum activities to develop our skills. Teachers are very cooperative and also support us.

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Arshpreet Kaur (Student IX B) 19 October 2021

According to me jai Vatika Public School is the best school in Barnala. The school is very good in all form of activities. It provides equal opportunities for students to perform any activity. Teachers in this school are well trained and educated. The school allows each & every student to participate in any activity without any restriction.

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Jashanpreet Kaur (Student IX B) 19 October 2021

The school contains all the sports and has best equipments to use. It provides equal opportunities to all. The teachers of the school are well- qualified. The school is best at discipline maintained.

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Omanpreet Kaur (Student IX) 19 October 2021

Our school staff is very loving and caring. The classrooms are very clean and air conditioners. The sense of teaching is excellent. Our school is best in Barnala. Grounds are cleaned and all sports equipment is there in school. Students wear proper clean uniform that makes very good impact on our school.

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Yogita (Student IX B) 19 October 2021

If we are talking about one of the best school of Barnala the first name that comes is “ Jai Vatika Public School”. It is the school which gives us spirit to fight with our fears and also enhances us. It also gives us many changes to show our talent based on our experience. The one thing that I like most of this school is inspire of learning through book is not enough, are also perfom extra curriculum activities and re free to experience the reality.

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Sipan (Student VIII B) 19 October 2021

I am student of JVPS Barnala. I want to thank you my teachers because they are very loving and caring , they teach us good things and they teach us how to behave. They are very responsible about study of children. I appreciate them for their spot.

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Gurjot Singh Chahal (Student VII A) 19 October 2021

The school help me to perform better than before. It provide some olympids to us for our better learning. The school provide us better teacher for better education. IN the school there are digital boards that help us to learn better. My school is the best it has all qualities that a school should have.

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Bhvya Bansal (Student XII Medical) 5 December 2019

Proud to be in JVPS. Best education anybody can ever have. All the teachers are more like a family to me. The school gave me so much to remember. Best memories for my lifetime. We always think that we'll look back on our tears and laugh but never think that we'll look back on our laughter and cry.

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Akashdeep Bansal (Student XII Non Medical) 2 March 2019

No doubt, the best school of the area from educational point of view. It has made mine knowledge what it is today. But if one aspires to acquire nationalist and religious point of view being in this institute, you're barking up the wrong tree. JAI HIND!!!!

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Veerpal Sandhu (Teacher, TGT) 4 March 2019

I am writing this review on the behalf of one of the brilliant students of the institute; Sonali Sharma (Head Girl) as she doesn't own facebook ID. Every school imparts an education as well as learning but the difference lies in the degree of efforts and honesty. I must proudly say that the entire team of JVPS works dedicately under the dynamic leadership of our Principal Ms. Seema Manon, this school is not only a school with difference but also a one in millions. This school is totally a full of discipline and a balanced school in studies and co-curricular activities. At last, this institute is playing a role of musical instrument in tuning our lives with rhythms of humanity and values!

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Jatinder Jit Kaur (Former Principal) 7 April 2019

Jai Vatika has come up as leading light. Having been associated with the venture even before conception of the idea takes me back. The way Dr Bansal, Dr Kamlesh Bansal, Rohit and Vanisha have dedicated to the institute, it had to come up, it's a dream come true.

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Ramanpreet Kaur (Student XII, Commerce) 12 March 2019

My name is Ramanpreet Kaur of class +2 commerce. Jvps is one of the best and wonderful school beside the cities. It is situated in Barnala. The name of the principal is Seema Menon. She is very cooperative. School has well educated and experienced staff. All the mentors are very cooperative and attach a great importance to a close link between theory and practicals.
It provides opportunities to learner's for bright future like IELTS classes.
At last, I would like to say that students can enjoy each and every moment in this school .It provides a great facilities to the parents .Each and every person in this institution is very punctual and active . They do work with full honesty." I LOVE MY SCHOOL ".

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Satbir Kaur Sahi (Parent) 4 March 2019

Jai Vatika is the best school I have seen around. It has been 4 years that my child is studying in the school and not only me as a parent has noticed his overall growth but he himself is very happy with the school’s environment. The Jai Vatikan staff is the most loving and supportive staff for my child. Jai Vatika is providing him countless resources to make his future bright. As a parent, I appreciate the school’s efforts for making my child a strong and responsible citizen of the country. I also appreciate the way this school balance academics and other various activities like sports, music, dance, art & craft, exhibitions, practical oriented activities etc., which is not only making my child a brilliant student but also a better person. Overall, I am a happy parent and give 10 on 10 to the school. Thank you JVPS from the core of my heart.

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Ramandeep Kaur Bassi (Parent & Teacher, PGT) 15 June 2019

My ward is studying in JVPS since 2017. I observe a lot of improvement in my ward’s behavior like spoken skills, stage confidence to conduct the morning assembly and other activities. He has also developed interest in skating because school provides platform to show sports skills. Time-to-time co-scholastic activities inculcate team spirit among students. In my opinion JVPS is the best school I have ever seen. Love you JVPS.

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Tamanna (Student, X Class) 2 July 2019

Jai Vatika Public School is the one of the best school in Barnala. It has all classes from Nursery to XII. The quality of education is very good. There are all good facilities for children. Jai Vatika Public School is the school where equal importance is given to education, sports and co-curricular activities. Teachers are friendly and treat everyone equally. I never thought to change the school because of good and nourshing environment of the school. There are labs based on Science and Mathematics. When I joined, the school was upto class5 but now it is developed to Grade XII. I wish that it should develop more and go upto Graduation. And most important all teachers, staff and students live like a family and I don’t want to leave it. Jai Vatika is a loving and a caring family for me.

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Harpreet Singh (Parent) 24 May 2019

Jai Vatika Public School is a very different school from the other schools of Barnala beacause the owners of the schools are highly educated what is correct for the future if the students. Teachers are also very hard workers. They give individual attention to each and every student. They motivate the children to choose the correct path for future. I can see a lot of improvement in my ward. Best wishes for JVPS.

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Mr & Mrs Sunil Kumar Pathak (Parent) 4 August 2019

At the end of six years long journey with JVPS, we have come to know that JVPS is a very promising institute which take guarantee of students’ overall development and security. My child had a very polishing journey with JVPS. The best qualities of JVPS are its highly qualified teachers and its impeccable management. JVPS is also known for its extra-curricular activities like talent hunt and numerous workshops. We’ll be highly grateful to JVPS for its services.